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Baltimore County Association of Senior Citizens Organizations (BCASCO)

A Volunteer Association of Senior Organizations, Business Organizations, and Individuals Helping To Provide a Better Quality of Life for Seniors and Other People

Who We Are

Welcome to BCASCO, an association of volunteers that provides a forum to exchange information about, and take action on, issues of interest to senior citizens. Our goal is to provide a better quality of life for all people. We seek, for instance, better education, housing, and health care for the old, for the poor, as well as for the wealthy. We welcome into membership any like-minded organizations and individuals.

Our history dates back to the Seventies, when a small group of people had an idea. Now we are a vital part of the Baltimore County community, with many significant individual and organizational members.


The day-to-day activities are conducted by an elected Board of Directors. Its operation between general meetings may be sampled by viewing some typical board minutes. Other important work is conducted by several committees.

The Board reports to the general membership at general meetings, when we also have informative programs. Check out our calendar for 2013-2014.

Why not consider joining us at our next meeting?


Once a year, in June, we hold an annual luncheon, when we get together for good food, a fun time, awards, and installation of our officers and members of the board of directors. Here you can read about our next luncheon and print out a registration form


For years BCASCO had printed and mailed to interested persons a hard-copy newsletter, Senior Power, that informed them of issues of interest to seniors and others.

Now, in a nod to the digital age, we are offering a page on this Website that should serve our purpose. Please visit Senior Power Online for news you can use.


Among our concerns are legislation on the county, state, and federal levels, and each year we choose our priorities. When we do take a stand, we're sure to study the issue before advocating a position.

We urge our members and all citizens to keep in touch with their legislators. Currently Social Security is a major concern, so we are urging them to contact their federal legislators.

To keep citizens connected with their state legislators, we provide transportation to Annapolis and the USM Rally during the annual General Assembly.


BCASCO, in its mission to improve the lives of seniors and others in Baltimore County, maintains a relationship with several organizations other than its members. We'll explore some of them here.

First and foremost is the close relationship we have with Baltimore County and the Baltimore County Department of Aging. To ensure that closeness, a representative of the BCDA attends both our general meetings and board meetings. Each year our members volunteer at a BCASCO booth at the BCDA Senior Expo, where we promote BCASCO and the experience of aging in Baltimore County.

On the state level, BCASCO is a member of the United Seniors of Maryland, and it stays in touch with the Maryland Department of Aging and AARP Maryland.

Joining BCASCO

If what you see here appeals to you, please consider joining with us in our journey. Click here to access and print out a membership application. Then snail-mail it to us at the address shown below.

Contacting Us

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